Main protective earth bonding forms an essential part of your property’s safety system – without it you Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) cannot protect you property if a fault occurs.

Earth bonding involves running a heavy-duty earth cable from your Consumer Unit (or electricity meter if easier) without breaks, to any incoming supplies (such as your water stop tap, gas pipe or oil pipe).  We then install a clamp to the pipework to ensure that the hot and cold pipework, boiler, radiators and other metallic parts are adequately earthed. Pipework should be clamped within 600mm (2ft) of where it enters the building.

Earth bonding is the unsung hero preventing electrocution and saving lives every day – do not underestimate how important it is!

How much does earth bonding cost?…

We have two set costs for earth bonding which cover 90% of our installs.  One cost covers gas meters or water stop taps in very close proximity to your Consumer Unit (within 2m – Local), the other where the run is longer (up to 20m – Distant)


Main Protective Earth Bonding Costs

  • Earth Bonding Locally – £67.20
  • Earth Bonding Distant – £228.00
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